How to present foie gras at Christmas

How to present foie gras at Christmas ?

Foie gras is considered a staple of the holiday season. It is often served on Christmas Day, for the big meal that is shared with family and friends. Depending on the menu chosen for this occasion, you can present your foie gras in different ways, and at different times of the meal.

When to offer the foie gras ?

If you are looking for an exceptional dish to serve on important occasions, then choose without hesitation Foie gras. It is a refined dish that appeals to everyone, adults and children alike. Be careful, however, to respect certain conditions when serving it, as this is how you will be able to enjoy all its subtleties.

It is possible to serve foie gras at different times of the meal. You can present it as an appetizer, as a starter, or in the main course. It all depends on your tastes and the choices you make when organizing your menu.

Foie gras as an aperitif

The foie gras can be served as an aperitif, sliced and served in a cooled dish. You can present it on small individual toasts garnished with some condiments. To accompany it and bring out its flavors, you can also offer :

  • Onion confit
  • Espelette pepper
  • Flower of salt
  • Fresh figs or in jam
  • Mango chutney, etc.

Foie gras as a starter

Serving the fgoose fat as a starter, at the beginning of the meal, this is the best way to enjoy all its flavors. Indeed, to better understand all the nuances of taste found in this refined dish, it is preferable to avoid foods and beverages with a strong taste such as salty cookies and strong alcohol.

Thus, you will be able to propose to your guests, a starter based on a Perigord salad. This is a recipe that consists of :

  • Slices of foie gras
  • A few drops of raspberry vinegar
  • Arugula leaves
  • Dried duck breast.

If you prefer another alternative, you can also opt for brioches filled with foie gras. It is an ideal choice to offer your guests an elegant starter.

Foie gras in the dish

For those who prefer to serve the foie gras in the main dishl, it will be necessary to provide a larger quantity. Indeed, if this dish is the main course, you should plan between 100 and 150 g of foie gras per person. You can cook it in different ways, depending on the recipe that you find easiest to make a success of your meal.

You can choose to serve it hot and pan-fried at this stage of the meal, for example.

What to serve it with’to accompany ?

For Christmas meals in France, foie gras is simply a must-have dish. This is a great classic, but it is possible to revisit it by using your imagination when making the recipe.

The first step to a successful meal is to make sure that you have the right ingredients choose the type of foie gras to use. You can choose between the whole foie gras, the block of foie gras and the classic foie gras. In each case, the texture and taste differ.

Then, you will have to find suitable accompaniments, because foie gras cannot be eaten alone. You can opt for :

  • The rye bread or the fancy bread
  • The marmalade
  • Jam
  • The fruit paste
  • Dried fruits
  • Diced pear or apple
  • Fresh figs, etc.

As for the drink, everyone agrees that wine is best suited to this dish foie gras. You can opt for champagne, sweet wine or white wine.

Furthermore, if your foie gras has been cooked with whisky, cognac or another strong drink, you can serve it with this dish.

When to take it out of the refrigerator ?

As you probably know, foie gras can always be kept in a cool place. Be careful, however, not to put it in the freezer, as it will lose its beautiful texture and delicious flavours.

Thus, the foie gras must be kept in the refrigerator for several hours. Then, you will have to take it out about 20 minutes before serving it. This delay is necessary because when served too cool, foie gras is difficult to slice.

In addition, some flavors are more difficult to perceive, which is not ideal to fully enjoy this meal.

Foie gras is a traditional Christmas meal in many countries, mainly in France. This is a fine dish that contains many flavors, and is suitable for different times of the meal.