CBD a growing success in the world of sports

CBD: a growing success in the world of sports

CBD has long been perceived as one of those intoxicating substances that young people use to get high. However, it has absolutely no such effect on people. Its role is rather to act silently and indirectly, to bring many benefits to the body. Among other things, it acts effectively in the process of muscle recovery, without making the user “high”.

This is the reason why more and more athletes are using it today.

What is CBD ?

One of the first things you hear about CBD is that it’s a good thing CBD, is that it is present in cannabis, also called hemp. Everyone immediately imagines that this molecule has the same effects as the plant. But it is not so.

For those who don’t know, cannabis is a plant that is usually smoked in the form of a joint, and that puts the subject in a second state. In other words, this plant allows you to get high, to get high, to feel all those sensations that young people are looking for in drugs.

It is important to know that CBD has nothing to do with it. These effects are due to the presence of THC in cannabis, another molecule whose properties are completely different from those of CBD. So when we talk about CBD, we are talking about a molecule called cannabidiol.

It is certainly present in hemp, but it does not have an amazing effect on the consumer. This is why it is sold everywhere in pharmacies and shops, in a legal way.

It should be noted that depending on the variety of cannabis you find, CBD can be more concentrated than THC, and vice versa. Therefore, the products composed of CBD are not totally devoid of the THC molecule, the latter is simply present in small proportion.

What are the effects of CBD ?

CBD is usually presented to consumers in the form of flowers, food products or oil. In each of these forms, you can take CBD without being exposed to the narcotic effects. On the other hand, according to studies carried out, it has been reported that CBD could have the following effects:

  • Modulate anxiety levels in humans
  • Blocking the addictive effects of certain drugs
  • Reduce certain stress responses..

There are still some warnings about the use of this molecule. It turns out that CBD could have positive effects on dopamine release. If this proves to be true, then the health authorities will soon consider it like any other drug or narcotic.

In any case, for the moment, it is very much used by athletes. It’s easy to understand, especially when you consider all the benefits of CBD for muscle recovery. Apart from athletes, people suffering from disorders related to anxiety, stress, or diseases like Parkinson’s, can use CBD.

It offers proven benefits on pain, sleep disorders, anxiety or depression.

You can always ask a pharmacist to find out more about the positive effects of the CBD molecule. This professional will also be able to advise you on the doses to take, depending on the type of problem you are looking to treat.

CBD is considered as an ally for the sportsman

Several months ago, maybe even more, athletes and sportsmen started to be more and more interested in Cannabidiol. This is not surprising, especially since before it was banned, cannabis itself was commonplace in sports clubs. Now that it is forbidden to use them, they have found a better alternative, legal and without “doping” effects.

If sportsmen particularly appreciate theuse of CBD during their sports training, it is for two specific reasons. First of all, CBD improves muscle recovery, and secondly, it allows the sportsman to improve his physical performance. It could be that the consumption of CBD allows to reduce the problems of aches and pains, during and after training sessions.

However, this information is to be taken with gloves, because until now, the tests and scientific studies carried out do not allow to have real certainties on this subject. In reality, the problem is not the results obtained by users, but there are just very few studies conducted in this area. However, the WHO has stated that there are no cases of addiction or disease related to the use of CBD.

This is undoubtedly one of the reasons why sportsmen and women choose to use this molecule. In addition, there are many testimonials from users who confirm that CBD is indeed effective in the field of sports. Most often, it is the practitioners of extreme sports, boxers, basketball players, or cyclists, who resort to the use of CBD.

However, always remember to use a certified specialist to get the best results CBD of good quality and in all legality.

As you can see, CBD is indeed a legal substance. It is not a drug and can therefore be used by athletes at various levels to improve their performance. This explains its recent rise in the sports field.