Morteau and sausage why choose between the two

The sausage of Morteau and Montbeliard: why choose between the two ?

Located in the region of Burgundy – Franche – Comté, Montbéliard is a district which is under the administrative jurisdiction of the department of Doubs in France. Morteau is also located in the same region and in the same department except that it is in the arrondissement of Pontalier.

These two places do not have only geographical and administrative similarities. They are both good sausage producers. Their reputation extends even beyond the French borders.

Indeed their sausages have been distinguished several times.

From the point of view of awards one can conclude that the Montbéliard sausage is much better than the Morteau sausage because it has received more gold medals. But the reality is that taste differs from one individual to another. It is true that the two sausages have obvious differences, but you have to taste them first before you decide.

What are the differences between the sausages of Morteau and Montbéliard ?

Both sausages are delicious and are produced in the same region but are different in some ways.

The appearance of sausages.

At one end of the Monteau sausage, which weighs 450 grams, is the manufacturer's label and the second end is finished with a small beechwood dowel. This sausage is well tied up. On the other hand, the Montbéliard one weighs between 240 and 250 grams and is twisted.

The casing of each sausage.

The Montbéliard sausage is only wrapped with the small intestine of the pig while the Morteau sausage is wrapped with the following, the chowder and the small intestine of the pig.

The meat for the preparation.

The meat used to make Morteau sausage is either ham shoulder or pork loin, just like Montbéliard sausage, except that the latter is flavored with nutmeg or coriander.

The fat

For the Montbeliard sausage, the fat comes from the throat of the pig while the Morteau sausage comes from the barbière and makes 22 to 23% of the sausage.


Montbéliard sausage is smoked for a minimum of 12 hours, whereas Morteau sausage must be smoked for a minimum of 48 hours.

You are now on the differences between these two sausages. But these differences do not affect their respective taste. The choice is yours to make according to your taste.