How to cancel your subscription within one year

Termination of contract: how does it work? 

You wish to terminate your complementary health insurance contract ? You may be able to use the intra-annual cancellation option. Applied since December 2020, this device was introduced to stimulate competition between insurers and allow policyholders to pay less for their mutual insurance. What exactly does it consist of? ? What contracts are involved ? How to benefit from it ? Answers below.

C’What is the infra-annual cancellation ?

There are various reasons why a policyholder may decide to canceling your complementary health insurance. For example, it may be that the guarantees of the coverage do not meet your needs. It is also possible that he/she has found a cheaper insurance with an insurer like Aesio. In any case, it was previously necessary to wait for the anniversary date of a contract to be able to cancel it. The law n°2019-733 of July 14, 2019 has changed this situation.

Thus, since December 1, 2020, it is possible to break a health insurance policy at any time: this is the infra-annual termination (RIA).

This measure does not involve any costs or penalties. It is not necessary to present any supporting documents to benefit from this right. On the other hand, it is necessary to respect the conditions for an infra-annual termination.

To resort to this method, the contract must be older than one year.

As a reminder, the Chatel law was put in place to force insurers to inform their clients of the deadline by which they can cancel their complementary health insurance. In spite of this legislation, many policyholders were still subject to the tacit renewal of their insurance contract because they had not sent their notice of cancellation in time. From now on, this type of problem no longer arises thanks to the infra-annual cancellation.

Since this measure came into force, all insurers are required to indicate in each contract that they offer the option of breaking it at any time. They must also mention it in each premium due notice.


Which contracts can be concerned ?

The infra-annual cancellation first of all concerns individual supplementary insurance policies. Policyholders can then take the initiative to terminate their health insurance without waiting for the annual policy expiration date. On the other hand, group mutual insurance companies are also concerned.

In this case, however, the termination cannot be carried out by the employer or the person responsible for managing the group contract.

It should be noted that the intra-annual cancellation applies to contracts signed after December 1, 2020 as well as those signed before this date. In fact, the law is retroactive. Thus, as soon as you have been committed for one year, you can change your health insurance at any time. If the termination is motivated by the desire to pay lower contributions, do not hesitate to turn to Aesio.

You will have the certainty of benefiting from a complementary health insurance plan that is both more affordable and provides coverage that meets your needs.

How to make this cancellation ?

You wish to Take advantage of your right to cancel within a year ? You will have to inform your insurer of your wish to terminate the complementary health insurance you have subscribed to with him. To do so, you will have to send your request on a durable communication medium (e-mail or registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt). Your insurance will be terminated 30 days after the request is sent.

You will not have to take care of the cancellation if you want to cancel your contract and take out a new one with another insurer. In fact, it is the latter that will take care of all the steps. On your side, you will only have to find a more advantageous complementary insurance.

To do so, think about comparing the offers available on the market. You can simplify this task by using an online comparator or by using a broker.

Once you have found the contract that suits you, you have to join it. Your new insurer will then carry out the administrative procedures related to the of your old health insurance policy on your behalf. Although the new insurance does not take effect until 30 days later, you do not have to worry about a break in your coverage.

Indeed, your new insurer ensures the continuity of it.