Which dining table for a large family

Which table to eat at when you have a large family ?

Meals are moments of sharing that the whole family likes to take together. This allows you to strengthen the bonds, to discuss the day, and to enjoy your family. When you have a large family, it’s more difficult.

Indeed, above six people, being able to eat around the same table is more complicated. That’s why it’s important to choose the right model, taking into account the space of the living room and the number of family members who eat lunch every day.

What size for a family dining room table ?

A family dining table The table must seat at least 6 to 8 people, but the ideal is to have a dining table for 12 people. This allows you to space out, to arrange the family dishes in the center, without being crowded, and without having the elbows touching each other.

On average, it is estimated that for one person, you need a space of 60 cm minimum, and 80 if you want people to be really comfortable. You also need to think about height. It is better to choose a standard model when you have a lot of children. With different ages, some will eat in a booster seat, some in a high chair, and some will be seated like adults.

It is important that the whole family feels comfortable.

Knowing all this, we advise you to opt for an oval model tabletop at least 2.50 m long, 1.30 m wide and 75 cm high for a family of 7 to 10 people. If you are afraid of not having enough space at home, you can see the large extension tables, practical to eat with several people without encroaching on the whole living room.

What material for the table when you have a large family ?

A large family is synonymous with small children, for the most part. In this situation, it is best to choose a table that is safe. We advise you not to choose a model made of fine wood if you do not protect it.

Moreover, if you want to avoid unpleasant fingerprints, it is better to avoid choosing a model with a glass top. The best is to choose a composite or PVC model.

If you have a larger budget, marble is ideal, because it is refined, extremely solid, and very easy to clean. In case you really want a wooden table, we advise you to treat it, to facilitate the cleaning. You can also cover it with a tablecloth when it’s time to eat.

For a modern table, choose a model with a metal structure and an imitation wood top. This way, you combine practicality and style.

Rectangular, square or oval ?

The shape of the table The choice of a rectangular table will depend mainly on your taste and your space. To decorate an apartment with taste, while optimizing the space of the living room, it is strongly advised to opt for a rectangular. It has the advantage of being able to be placed against a wall when you are not having lunch and can hold many more people than a round table.

Square tables are also suitable, but only if you have space and if you are a number divisible by four, otherwise there is a risk that one member of the family will eat alone.

Rectangular, square or oval?

An oval model can be suitable for a large family. However, it should be centered in the living room or dining room, and be an integral part of the space. It is impossible to opt for an oval table if you want to leave it in a corner and you lack space. On the other hand, you should know that round tables are not equipped with a table top’interest for large families.

Beyond six seats, round tables are much too big, and have no place in a classic living room.

The best way to optimize the space of your living room by having a beautiful dining table is to opt for a round table model with seats that slide underneath. This way, you gain space without skimping on the size of the table. A good solution is to opt for benches instead of seats.

When you are a large family, you can fit more people on a bench than on seats.