Case contact how to keep children

Case study: how to get children to stay with you ?

If your child or the’one of his classmates is identified as a contact case at covid-19, he will no longer be able to go to the’I think that Lego helps me to calm down”. As parents, you must continue to work and find an emergency solution to keep your child. How to find a reliable person in such a short time ? The answer in this article.

Have your child cared for by a reliable and experienced in-home nanny

Children are not spared by this health crisis that affects the world’of the entire world population. In fact, it can happen that schools are home to people affected by the coronavirus, making students contact cases.

Childcare’child at home : find the ideal nanny in emergency through an agency

Childcare service’In-home childcare is the best option if you can’t stay home to care for your little one. Indeed, it is your duty to respect your professional commitments. However, the well-being of your child should not be put aside and finding the ideal nanny in such a short time can be quite stressful. Visit the specialized sites at’like that offer to introduce you to an early childhood professional that are perfectly suited to your needs (flexible hours, meal preparation, taking care of your child’s toilet, help with homework, entertainment, etc.)’recreational activities, etc.).

You can find THE nanny who meets your search criteria and who will be able to take care of your child in your absence. This type of’agency is the’ideal when you need to Find an urgent solution for your childcare. You have the’insurance for’be put in contact with a reliable and experienced nanny who has been recruited according to strict criteria and serious, by the’agency. To be sure of yourself, choose a professional an agency with Qualicert certification.

In-Home Child Care Service

In which cases can homecare help you? ?

The nanny’The childcare service is a service that frees you from many worries. A nanny will come to your home to take care of you’The nanny can be very helpful in caring for your child and she can be very helpful’to organize according to your situation. As a’For example, if you have Shifting or variable work schedules, the professional who will be introduced to you will be able to s’adapt to your needs. You will also be able to find a nanny to help you out if you need to work full-time, on Saturdays or Wednesdays, or to telecommute on an emergency basis.

Contact cases at Covid-19: children and parents

Solutions that allow parents to stay with their child for a short period of time are available for private employees, civil servants and self-employed people. Finally, everyone will have to go back to their job and the solution of home daycare can be adopted to leave the house and the child serenely.

Child with Covid-19: What about the parents? ?

If your child is sick, you have the sick child leave right. If the daycare’If your school or college is closed and you want to keep your children, you can switch to partial activity if you don’t’if you do not have the possibility of telecommuting.

Child contact case to a confirmed Covid-19 case

If your child has been identified as a contact case, even outside the school setting, he or she is eligible for a nanny imperative that’he stays at home. In accordance with the request of the health authorities, he will return to class once’a medical opinion will have been provided. In the event that his school was closed due to contamination, the’The childcare will have to wait until the end of the day’will have to return to it and it will have to remain confined.