Lego why are they still in fashion

Lego: why they are still in fashion ?

Educational and fun, Lego has been around for many generations since its creation’to this day. Thanks to the different themes, the creativity and the colors used in their design, they are still very appreciated by children and parents alike. Similarly, in the face of the’Since the massive arrival of modern games on the market, designers have found the essential formula to keep the game alive’he rise of Lego in this current technological universe. Discover why Lego has become timeless over time.

What are the different phases of the game?’rise of Lego ?

L’The evolution of Lego is due to its immense capacity of use’to encourage the children to play’inspiration and creativity of novice architects. It should be added that if Lego has known such an evolution, it is due to its great capacity to be used in a variety of ways’is thanks to the diversity of the themes approached from generation to generation. The starting point of the phenomenon was the construction of its city with vehicles and houses. But, to quickly stand out from the competition and live in time, the brand has been able to offer a multiplicity of themes and designs’approaches of’various edifications.

In the period of the 60s and 70s, the sets that were in vogue addressed the concept of the city. But, from the 80’s on, Lego has become a popular toy’is open to new dimensions. Thus, the real Lego fans have been impressed by the plurality of the themes as the “Lego”’Space, the Middle Ages, Lego Technic and others. It should be noted that the years 2000 were dedicated to licenses with the Star Wars range.

A range in full evolution on the market

The Star Wars range remains the best-selling in the world for more than 15 years after its release. This boom will continue for many years to come, as the’The Star Wars adventure will also continue for future generations. Several licenses have been released and have also known breathtaking successes after their release such as the Lego Star Wars ship.
After many unsuccessful tests over two years, the recent Friends range has finally offered the’opportunity to transmute little girls to Lego.

How Lego has remained timeless ?

A Lego brick is a resistance to all obstacles. It is very rare that parents throw away neglected Lego. When’they are abandoned, they find at any moment another life elsewhere. C’This is how the glorious brick became eternal and has been passed through all generations since the 60’s without a hitch. Regardless of its color and configuration, the Lego is the most popular toy’The layout that you will make will offer you the best of both worlds’opportunity to satisfy your imagination. This satisfaction is achieved regardless of your age.

It should be noted that since the start of the’adventure, 8000 brick figures, dozens of shades and colorations have been designed for the pleasure of fans. There are currently nearly 7000 different sets that continue to delight the unconditional Lego lovers. It should be noted that the games that are currently released are very successful.

In fact, while Lego is still timeless, it’s a great investment’is because’they are toys endowed with’an intelligence out of the ordinary. From a very young age, they stimulate the imagination’They are educational in every respect and follow the children from their childhood to several years later.
As far as modernity is concerned, Lego has been able to survive for a long time’It is possible to open an incredible way in time thanks to the new technology’the rise of Mindstom robots. These represent a symbolic assembly of the new technologies and the new technologies of the world’imagination. On the side of video games, Lego has also been able to follow the march of the’innovation of high quality achievements undeniable.

It should also be added that the success of the film “The Great Lego Adventure” has surprised many game enthusiasts. Lego has always had a positive impact on all generations. In the last few years, Lego has found a way to become a popular toy’Investing in real marketing. An impressive system that allows you to’have a real selling power. With Lego, advertisements are often well thought out and judiciously produced. Advertisements that still invade magazines and television.

The Lego n’It is not only for children

Adults also love to play with Lego for different reasons. In fact, Lego bricks are practically indestructible. The older ones who have more than a few years of experience’half a century of’existence are for the most part compatible with the new modern sets. All this explains why Lego is so popular’If you don’t have a lot of building possibilities, you’ll have a lot of problems. From the Taj Mahal to the’The Empire State Building or any other construction, if you like, can be a great source of inspiration for your child’it is not’It has not been built yet’If it is not possible to use Lego bricks, it will be in the short term.

Play it like Beckam

In addition to’be stimulators of the skin’In addition to the educational and creative benefits for children, Lego offers several therapeutic and calming effects for adults. Thus, there is a community of elderly people who can no longer afford to play with Lego’They don’t want to go without Lego. Even the soccer star David Beckham, the’Beckham, the man with the magic right foot and specialist of free kicks in the world, loves playing with Lego. He confirmed that Lego allows him to relieve his stress, to regulate his anxiety and especially to keep his calm: “the last thing I want to do is to play with Lego’From the Taj Mahal to the Tower Bridge in London. C’is incredible. I think Lego helps to calm me down”. These are his words.

Live your childcare dreams’child

The logo offers many adults the opportunity to return to their childhood. Some people even manage, with a little bit of help, to keep their children happy’money, to innovate infinite creations. Among the most famous themes are pirates, cities, trains, Star Wars characters, spaceships, etc.
Lego is a great investment and the percentage of its sale at auction is increasing every year by 12%. The demand is growing steadily’increase every year. If you don’If you are not yet building your universe in miniature, why not plan to use Lego for your children?’To make a collection of its bricks ?