The 7 smartphone accessories your teen needs

The 7 smartphone accessories your teen needs

You’ve given in to your teenager’s insistent demands and given him or her the latest Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus ?

Or maybe you’ve done this for yourself and given your child your old iPhone 12 Pro ?

Whatever the case, it’s now time to think about the accessories your teenager will need to accompany their new smartphone and allow them to make the most of it.

The protective shell

Without a doubt, this is the first accessory he or she will need. Not only does the case serve to protect the smartphone in case of a fall or shock, but it is also a way for your teen to display his identity. And at this age, it is essential.

That’s why it’s not an option to give him your old shell, or to take the standard Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus shell that comes with the device. On this site, you will find cases for all tastes, at all prices, and of excellent quality.

The screen protector film

Like the phone cover, it’s a must-have accessory to extend the life of your child’s smartphone.

On the other hand, this one has no aesthetic function: its choice is therefore simpler. You won’t embarrass your teen in front of his or her friends.

The external battery

If the term Power Bank doesn’t ring a bell – or if you think it’s the latest online bank created by Elon Musk to trade cryptocurrencies – it’s because you’ve never been without a battery on your smartphone..

An external battery (or Power Bank) is incredibly useful to quickly recharge your phone, even if you don’t have a power outlet at hand. This way, your teenager won’t be able to say he came home late because his phone was out of battery and he didn’t see the time.

The headphones

Today’s smartphones have excellent quality speakers. The whole family can listen to the latest Jennifer tune your teenager is listening to on a loop, or enjoy the machine gun sounds of your Call of Duty-loving child.

Good quality earphones are necessary for your teen to enjoy their smartphone while watching videos, playing online games, listening to music… without disturbing those around them.

There are dozens of different models, for all budgets.

A fast charger

Patience is not the first virtue of today’s youth. You can’t blame them for this: who wants to wait for 3 hours for their smartphone to recharge by 50%? ?

A fast charger – with the right cable, of course – is an accessory that is not essential, but really very useful. Your teen will appreciate it.

A suitable lens

Smartphones like the Galaxy S22, iPhone 13 or Huawei P50 have amazing lenses. These phones take much better pictures than our digital Panasonic of the 2000s !

Yes, but our children have grown up in an HD world, and the resolutions of these smartphones are a minimum requirement for them. Have you seen the quality of the photos posted on social networks today ?

Let’s be clear: your teenager can do without a smartphone lens kit. But if he likes photography, why deprive him of this means of expression? ?

The phone tripod

We are already entering the category of accessories that are not useful to all teenagers. If yours doesn’t often use video calls, record YouTube videos, or engage in long sessions of watching Netflix series, it can do without a tripod.

For everyone else, this smartphone stand keeps your screen stable and perfectly oriented. And that makes all the difference when you watch a movie, or make a video !

There are many other accessories such as entrance protectors or phone necklaces… But these are more in the gadget category. Your child doesn’t need them, but he can decide on his own to buy them if he feels like it.