Small zoom of essential oils essential to its pharmacy

Small zoom of essential oils essential to its pharmacy

Over the years, essential oils have become essential for many French people. Indeed, they have many therapeutic virtues and often allow to reduce the pain of the back To treat small hurts of everyday life. Here are some of these essential oils that you should always have in your pharmacy.

Essential oils against stress, headaches and toothache

Against stress, the best essential oil that exists is lavender. Indeed, it automatically calms the’anxiety, nervousness and insomnia. For a good’To use them, we recommend to use a few essential oils’dilute 1 to 4 drops just before going to bed, in a diffuser. Regarding headaches, it is a good choice’is the peppermint which is to be preferred. Indeed, it relieves headaches but also, l’anxiety and stress. To use it, apply 2 to 4 drops to the temples and the back of the neck with a circular massage. As for the toothache, it will be necessary to make room for the anxiety, nervousness and insomnia’essential oil of clove. Indeed, it acts as antiseptic and allows to treat pain quickly. In use, put 3 drops of’Oil on a cotton swab and apply to the area to be treated.

Essential oils for minor ailments and digestion

For the little aches and pains of everyday life, the’Geranium essential oil will be perfect. Indeed, it allows to relieve bruises, wounds but also, some skin mycosis. As for digestion, it is important to be well hydrated’For the best results, choose lemon as it stimulates the body’s immune system’action of the gallbladder, pancreas and liver. In addition, it contains vitamin c which strengthens the immune system. Whatever you use on a daily basis, you should always know that you’re getting the best of the best’you should choose a good quality essential oil, preferably organic. To do this, don’t forget to’Don’t hesitate to turn to the web since some sites promise you real discoveries.