Which mattress for back pain

Back pain: what type of mattress to choose ?

It is well known that’a good bed offers a good sleep. However, you notice that in the morning, you feel back pain. What are these back pains due to ? Why is the mattress in question ? How to choose the right mattress to relieve pain ?

Why does my mattress hurt my back? ? Understand the’origin of the pain

In the morning, you feel your body stiff and painful, especially in the lumbar region ? Your mattress may be the culprit. Indeed, that’we talk about double or single beds, the quality of the mattress is crucial to have a good sleep. Knowing that’today’Today, one in five people suffer from chronic back pain, it seems obvious that the quality of the mattress must be optimal.

But why do some mattresses cause pain ? The first answer is quite simple: your mattress does not meet your needs. When you buy a bed and a mattress, you have to take into account many factors such as your height, your weight, your position when you sleep and of course, your preference on the firmness of the mattress.

In addition, over time, your mattress is getting old and can be damaged’sagging. Knowing that’On average, it is recommended to change your mattress every 8 years, so it is possible that you will have to change your mattress’in the meantime, your body changes. Your needs will therefore be different and your mattress will no longer be suitable. Pain points’Sagging can also occur and in this case, your spine is no longer aligned’The mattress is more aligned when you sleep, which explains your back pain.

What is the best mattress for back pain ?

Choose a firm mattress to relieve pain

The firm mattresses are known to reduce back pain. Indeed, the firmness of the mattress allows to maintain the spine and the back’to avoid numbness in the muscles. The degree of firmness of the mattress should be in accordance with your body type:

  • soft mattress for a thin person
  • average mattress shape for a person with a normal build and back pain
  • a firm mattress for people with a large body

If you sleep with two people and the level of firmness is difficult to choose, we advise you to use the Emma mattress’You can choose between two different mattresses.

Pay attention to the composition of the mattress

The composition of the mattress is a important criterion of choice memory foam, springs and latex. Memory foam limits pressure points, springs provide even support for the body and latex is softer on the shoulders and firmer on the lumbar region to align the spine properly. Finally, when’It is time to choose your bedding, we must think about the filling:

  • Synthetic fillings are less expensive and have a greater capacity for comfort’lower absorption.
  • Natural filling (cotton, wool, silk, cotton) is more expensive, but is hypoallergenic and has high absorbency (ideal for people who sweat).

What is the best mattress for back pain?

What are the best brands of mattresses against back pain? ?

This start-up, born in 2015, is positioning itself very well on the market and the Emma mattress was elected the best product of the year’year 2018. It s’Adapted to all morphologies and the range s’is extended with a mattress firmer than the one of the other’original: the Emma One. If you need to equip the whole family, you save time thanks to the ability to choose two different mattresses’Adaptation of Emma mattresses.


Eliminate your back pain with a Tediber mattress. This brand launched in 2015 offers a unique memory foam mattress. It is delivered in less than 48 hours throughout France. A physical point of sale was opened in 2018 in Paris. 97% of customers are satisfied with the mattress’from the 100 days of’test. For the remaining 3%, Tediber has donated mattresses that have been returned to the company’Emmaus association.


Kipli offers a special mattress that meets the challenges of indoor pollution. The Kipli mattress is made of natural latex and is covered with a layer of cotton’a wool and organic cotton cover. These mattresses made in Italy are biodegradable. In addition to’This mattress is an ecological product is ideal for people allergic to dust mites. It is still more expensive than the above models, but it is guaranteed for 10 years and has been elected the product of the year’year 2020.