Should you buy an electric toothbrush or not

Should you buy an electric toothbrush or not ?

To preserve one’s oral health, it is essential to take good care of one’s teeth. To achieve this, it is important to clean them using the right toothbrush. But which one to choose ? An electric or manual model ? Elements of an answer in the following.

Good reasons to buy an electric toothbrush

Deep cleaning, brushing to whiten teeth permanently, effective tooth protection, intelligent tongue brushing, precision brushing, etc., the use of the good electric toothbrush confers many advantages. On a daily basis, you can be sure to remove all the dirt stuck between the gaps of your teeth.

A smart solution to clean your teeth

Electric toothbrushes are suitable for both adults and children. Better yet, you can adjust the intensity of brushing. It’s a godsend for people with sore or sensitive gums. You will be able to take care of your oral hygiene in all delicacy.

Better yet, there are connected models that tell you where to brush for greater efficiency.

Taking care of your oral hygiene is easy

Unlike a manual toothbrush, using an electric toothbrush requires less effort. And thanks to its efficiency, you can easily clean your mouth. In fact, with the vibrations and rotations of the head of the electric toothbrush, you are sure to get rid of food scraps, but also of dental plaque.

Which technology to choose for your electric toothbrush ?

When buying your electric toothbrush, you should make sure that it has the right technology, one that is adapted to your needs. On the market, there are 2 of them:

  • The oscillating toothbrush: the round head of the toothbrush makes circular movements. But in addition to turning, it oscillates and vibrates, which effectively removes stains from the teeth;
  • The sonic toothbrush: Thanks to the oval head of this toothbrush, the cleaning surface is much larger. When brushing, it moves back and forth, like a manual toothbrush, except that the movements are much higher.

In absolute terms, both technologies are equal. However, you will have to make sure that the number of pulses/movements/oscillations is the highest. A good electric toothbrush is capable of making between 30.000 and 50.000 head movements.

What is the budget for the purchase of an electric toothbrush ?

As with any product, the price of an electric toothbrush depends on its characteristics, but also on its features. On average, count 40 to 70 euros for an entry-level model, against 150 to 250 € for the most powerful models.

A little tip: to make the most of your investment, opt for a toothbrush with an interchangeable head. This way, you can replace the head when it is worn out and use your machine for as long as you want. If not, you will have to throw away the brush and buy a new one.