Haircuts and hairstyles for men that do

Haircuts and hairstyles for men what to do ?

Men of character have their charms, c’is safe. If you take care of your look, you get’other sex, whether you are looking for it or not. The truth is that you are increasingly likely to wear a haircut or hairstyle with a lot of style, but it is also true that the names become more complex and that makes you lose what you wear or not wear.

What to do as a man’s haircut ?

Hairstyle or undercut, buzz, papillon, dapper, …. You know what we are talking about ? If you don’t know, don’t worry and read on. If you are one of those people who go to the hairdresser and feel like a fish out of water, then you are the right person for the job’Don’t worry, because we have developed a complete guide to understand your hair and your hairdresser or stylist.

The problem starts when you open the door of the hairdresser’s and you feel like a fish out of water’you are offered coffee or tea, you sit on the chair and listen to the classic “How do you want me to cut or comb your hair” SOS ! Obviously, we all have an idea in mind of our style and how we would look perfect, but we don’t always know how to capture it.

A lot of’between us wear a picture of our most favorite celebrity’s hairstyle It hairstyle, but what can match that celebrity may not be your best option. This is due to the different physiognomy that each man has, it is’that is to say that we do not’We don’t all have the same shape and size of face or head.

Therefore, we want to move not only the best haircuts and men’s hairstyles of the moment, but those that create the trend and that are best suited to your shape and size of your face and head. Let’s try to shed some light on this subject, explaining d’first the different types of heads and the cuts that go best with them, then telling you the cuts and hairstyles that will take more.

  • What you will learn in this guide
  • Steps to know what type of face you have
  • The most common types of faces of’men
  • Cuts and hairstyles for men with short hair
  • Cuts and hairstyles for men with long hair
  • Cuts and hairstyles for men with little hair
  • Cuts and hairstyles for men with curly hair

Steps to know what type of face you have

To find out what type of face you have, we advise you to stand in front of the mirror and, without the hair bothering you, to’analyze your face. L’idea is that’With a simple or quick measurement, you know what measurements of your face are, so you know what kind of features you have and how much’here, you will be able to know what type of haircut or hairstyle is best for you.

#1 Measure the forehead

The first step to know what type of face you have is to measure your forehead. To do this, place a tape that covers its entire width (up to the tip of your chin)’The last step is to measure from the tip of your nose to the beginning of your hair, completely horizontally. You will need to write down this measurement, because even though we know you have a great memory, there are still measurements to be taken and then you will need to compare it with the rest of the measurements we are going to show you.

#2 Measure the cheekbones

Next, it’s time to measure the face in the middle, the cheekbones. C’that is to say, from below the’orbit of the’eye, over the’the bridge of the nose, to the tip of the nose’to the’other side (again, horizontally). Once again, note the measurement so you can analyze the shape of your face.

#3 Measure jaw

L’Next step is to measure the jaw. To do this, place the tape on the chin (half of the chin) and bring it to the base of the forehead’ear. Note the measurement again and record it, as there is less room to know your face type.

#4 Measures the length of the face

It’s time to measure the length of the face, and for this you will use as a reference the exact point where the hair begins. Once the starting point is known, the tape should be spread over the entire face, passing over the nose towards the’other end. Note the measurement.

#5 Measurements from the tip of the nose to the chin’at the end of the chin

There is less left to know your face type ! As a last step, measure from the tip of the nose to the hairline’at the end of the chin. Place the tape at the’where your nose ends and bring it up to’to the’south end of your chin. By writing down this result, you would already have all the necessary data to know your face type.