Dupuy Delicatessen at the Villa Marthe on the island of Oleron

The Charcuteries Dupuy at the Villa Marthe on the island of Oleron

I take you today to take the sun on theon the island of Oleron and more precisely at the port of la Cotinière to discover the Villa Marthe. Freshly opened, this establishment proposes on the spot or to take at home the marvelous cold cuts from Dupuy Catering, a very well known and recognized pork butcher in the region.

First Impressions:

Barely arrived at the Port of Cotinière, we discover completely by chance this intriguing building. Wooden tables, umbrellas, the place is different from the stores and restaurants for tourists on this same street of the Port. A quick look at the entrance to realize that here we do artisanal delicatessen. It's a good thing, artisanal is what we are looking for ! We enter timidly in search of something to eat at this late hour.

While the closing seemed close, we were very kindly welcomed and invited to settle down outside. The place is pleasant, well maintained and quiet, a little off the busy street. The head in the shade and the legs in the sun to perfect the tan, we are waiting with impatience to eat !

La Carte:

One of the young men on duty explains the concept in more detail. Family business for more than half a century, Dupuy Catering was taken over by the son Jean Hugues and his wife Véronique in the early 80's. In their store of Dolus d'Oléron a few kilometers away, they prepare different specialties of the region, starting with the famous Charentais cricket for which they have been rewarded many times. All the products are made in an artisanal way without any preservatives or additives and with "ocean pigs" raised and killed in Charente-Maritime. Beginning of July, Dupuy Catering has taken over the very charming Villa Marthe built in 1911 to make discover its delicatessen to the passers-by of Cotinière.

On the menu, there is no "à la Prévert" list, here we propose three types of cold cuts. A light plate, another charentaise and a last one more garnished displayed at 9 €. With a glass of rosé and a dessert, it will cost you between 11€50 and 13€ to discover.

The meal :

As a refreshment, they bring us two bowls of Rosé de pays. Funny idea to serve rosé in glass jars Weck (it was like being at Boco :)). However it is quite practical to drink but moreover it is very pretty !

Imagine my amazement when I saw these two magnificent boards generously sprinkled with cold cuts and a small, fresh and crunchy salad. To name a few of the hormonal disturbances, there are obviously Charentais crickets, from Fagots, from theAndouille with herbs, from Rillettes or the Mignon of pork. Everything was really delicious ! The charcuteries are very lean with the right amount of fat.

The seasonings are also very good. It's been a long time since I've eaten such good deli meats, believe me..

For dessert, the house offers Homemade fromage blanc with a delicious strawberry coulis from the market made by the boss, all accompanied by a slice of Homemade Galette Charentaise perfectly moist. Not very sweet, tasty and refreshing, a real treat !

I loved this impromptu lunch at the Villa Marthe and I can only advise you to go there if you are in the area… For the impatient Parisians like me, don't worry, Dupuy Catering has recently started offering some of its products on its online store www.dupuy-caterer.com. You can be sure that I will place a small order very soon !

Bottom line:

Do you have to go there ? It is impossible to go to the region and the island of Oleron without passing by Villa Marthe or at least to the Dupuy Traiteur store to taste its fabulous charcuterie.

With whom ? With family or friends.

Go back to it ? Definitely. In the meantime I would order their charcuterie on their online store to make the pleasure last in Paris.

The clientele ? Holidaymakers and locals come to find the delicatessen they love so much.

It is expensive ? You laugh ? Between 7.5 € and 9 € for a board at the Villa Marthe, between 6 € and 7 € for a pot of crickets or a Charentais fagot ordered on the internet.