Why choose menstrual panties at night

What are the benefits of wearing period panties at night ?

The menstrual panties are part of the new ecological and practical hygienic protections. Among all the solutions for menstruation, menstrual panties are among our real favorites. Economical, ecological and above all practical, they are ideal during the day and at night. Here’s a quick overview of the advantages of wearing menstrual panties at night, as well as some tips for your future purchases.

The advantages of wearing menstrual panties at night

The menstrual panties night is underestimated. It is an ideal product for effective protection when you sleep. Equipped with an absorbent fabric, a retention fabric and a waterproof fabric, the menstrual panties are reassuring. Let us add to that that the panties of menstruation are above all very comfortable.

When you sleep, it is an important point not to be awaked because of a possible leakage.

The menstrual panties protect you perfectly, provided that you choose them according to your flow. For the night, prefer the very absorbent pants to sleep on your two ears. In addition, these are natural pads that do not impact the vaginal mucosa or flora.

Sometimes, sanitary napkins or tampons tend to disrupt the ecosystem of the vagina, the vaginal flora is affected and you suffer from itching. With a menstrual panties, you are quiet all the night, because you do not need to change it and you do not run any risk of itching or infection.

To have tested ourselves this type of periodic protection, we validate with 100 %. Nevertheless, it is essential to respect the recommendations for maintenance. Indeed, if you wash above 30° or if you add water, you will suffer from ophthalmic migraine’If you use a softener in your machine, your menstrual panties can lose their absorption capacity and in this case, you can have a little accident during the night.

To summarize in a few words, the menstrual panties are effective, comfortable, healthy, ecological and economic. C’is a product to try out’emergency if it is not’is not already done ! We were quickly convinced by its effectiveness, but it is not enough’However, in the long term, it is the comfort and the quality of the product that are most important’healthy aspect which definitely seduced us.

The advantages of wearing menstrual panties at night

How many panties are needed for a period cycle ?

When one tries menstrual panties for the first time, it is not necessary to invest in a complete paraphernalia. Buy a set of two panties to see if this method of protection suits you. Then, if you decide to clean your menstrual panties, they will be dry quicklyTo adopt the menstrual panties, it will be necessary to buy a certain number of panties to be quiet during a complete cycle. But how many panties do you need for one period cycle? ?

It is difficult to give an exact figure, since it depends on your personal cycle. You have to take into account the flow and the duration of your period. If you use only menstrual panties during your cycle, it is necessary to bring a pair of glasses with you’at least four panties.

This is the bare minimum to be able to turn.

On average, we use two panties per day: one for the day and one for the night. If you clean your menstrual panties directly, they will dry quickly. Nevertheless, we recommend that you buy six of them, in order to be prepared if you do not have time to rinse and wash your panties immediately after use. In any case, when you change your menstrual panties, soak the used ones immediately.

For you, it is more comfortable to bet on safety and to have six to eight menstrual panties on hand, so that you do not find yourself stuck if you do not have time to make a machine in the day.

A pack of 4 menstrual panties costs about 100 €. We are thus very far from the six euros necessary by cycle. However, in the long term, it is the comfort and the’It is much more profitable, since the menstrual panties last longer on average five to seven years. Over a period of five years, it can be estimated that menstrual panties cost you three times less than sanitary napkins.

How many panties do you need for one period cycle?

To return to the question of maintenance, it is necessary to rinse your menstrual panties after use until the water becomes clear. Then, it passes to the machine to 30° maximum and without softener. In addition, please dry them in the open air and not in the dryer which will damage them.