MedLink the new brand of AbroadLink Translation for medical and health sciences translation

MedLink: the new brand of’AbroadLink Translation for medical and life science translation

Health is at the heart of everything we do. In recent years, especially with the advent of the pandemic, the importance of medical care has been emphasized. In order to give everyone the same chance of recovery, it is very important to spread the best devices.

Of course, these are created all over the world. To level the playing field, companies like AbroadLink Translations are indispensable. The company, which already offers the most important translation services, continues to improve its services by creating MedLink.

AbroadLink: a translation company based in Paris

Translate documents/notices, etc. to a medical body is not something to be taken lightly. While we’re at it, it’s best to get a quality translation from a team of professionals. This is exactly what you will find at AboardLink Translations.

Founded in 2002, this company offers you no less than 20 years of experience in the field. From its headquarters in Paris, the company works as an online platform partner for various companies around the world. Prioritizing the quality of its services, since 2013 it is a translation company certified ISO-9001.

It also has the ISO-17100 certification for translation companies. Here are two proofs of the quality of the services provided.

But it doesn’t stop there, because it’s not just a matter of making them’acts to’a committed team at your service. Moreover, in case of late delivery, AbroadLink takes its commitments very seriously and even offers you compensation. The AbroadLink’s great strength But it doesn’t stop there, because the company works with experienced specialists who translate into their native language. Besides, it is also a company in phase with its time.

With its XTRF management system, data is secure, access is in real time and delivery is automated.

AbroadLink: a translation company based in Paris

Introducing MedLink

Having worked extensively with the medical profession, AbroadLink has not hesitated to improve its offerings. In order to perfect the translation of medical devices, the company now offers MedLink. It is a service specialized in the translation of medical texts and documents with the 20 years of experience of AL Translations.

Here, once again, the company works with real professionals from all over the world. This allows you to have translations in more than fifty languages and all of excellent quality.

This is not limited to simple translations of documents, but also of medical devices or appliances. The quality of the work provided even allows the company to benefit from a particular certification. The ISO-13485 standard on quality management of medical devices is a must in practice. Not to mention that being part of the AbroadLink group, it also benefits from the ISO-9001 and ISO-17100 already acquired. All this offers them the opportunity to work with young companies that innovate as well as with the big names in society.

Whether the needs are ad hoc or more demanding and high level, it is feasible. In any case, it will result in accurate medical translations in full respect of the technical terms.

The importance of medical translation

The ISO 13485 standard for quality management of medical devices is required for a reason. In fact, these are technical and scientific translations. What is specific is that no error can be accepted, as this is a particularly sensitive area.

For this purpose, the translation company must work with translators who have specific skills and knowledge. At MedLink and AboardLink, it is a must to translate accurately, regardless of the medical field requiring the work. All medical/surgical specialties, clinical diagnostics, veterinary medicine and pharmaceuticals are supported.

Moreover, European regulations are in place concerning medical devices. These are the EU regulations 2017/745 and 2017/746 relating to the strengthening of the safety of these devices in the interest of the patient. It is therefore a question of health and life.

The translation cannot be taken lightly and must meet the highest quality standards. MedLink translates in collaboration with doctors in their native language. Moreover, they are not selected randomly, they also have specific certifications in their specialties.

The importance of medical translation

What can be translated ?

As mentioned above, thanks to AboardLink Translation’s MedLink service, various medical fields can be translated. Of course, even though medicine tends to evolve, the importance of medical translations is notexcellent command of terminology must never be changed. Thus, in the list of what can be translated, there are scientific articles. Here, it is very important to respect the terminologies, because the research results and their adaptation to practice depend on it. Prescriptions can also be translated, which is essential for anyone who is in a foreign country and suddenly falls ill.

This can be useful both to find the equivalents of drugs, once returned, or to submit to your insurance. The same applies to patient records, the interpretation of which is crucial.

Personal data, treatments, diagnoses, therapies and their successes must be translated correctly. In the same vein, there are medical reports and diagnoses. Finally, everything related to clinical trials and scientific research can also be translated.

In these last two cases, the importance lies in the future of medicine. It is therefore unthinkable that the translation could be botched.