How to trim your beard with scissors

How to trim your beard with a scissor ?

Unfortunately, your beard doesn’t look like anything anymore and you forgot to make an appointment with your favorite barber. Don’t panic, with a good pair of scissors and some good gestures, you can trim your beard like a pro.

Even if the result will not be perfect on the first try, the handling of scissors is an art that can be worked on, you potentially get a better result’excellent results despite everything. Be attentive and careful and you will quickly achieve a satisfactory result !

What do beard scissors look like? ?

In one fell swoop’quick eye, beard scissors look just like nail scissors. But here’s the thing: it’s not the same thing:

  • Nail scissors are often slightly curved at the front and have a pointed tip.
  • Beard scissors have a round tip to avoid injury while trimming the beard with surgical precision.

Who can use the beard scissors ?

Just about everyone, except for young children, is too dangerous to use them !

On a more serious note, beard scissors are perfect for picky bearded men who want their beard trimmed to the millimeter. Indeed, growing a beard is not a problem’is good, but it needs to be done right’maintain. Whether you have a short beard or a long beard, scissors are the ultimate weapon for taking care of your hair.

Why use beard scissors ?

A beard is like hair and health, it is maintained. Beard scissors are particularly appreciated for their great precision. Very sharp, they allow you to easily level out the hairs while working on the contour of your beard.

With scissors, you can work on your moustache, sideburns and the whole beard. They can thicken, trim and even out with one stroke of the blade !

How to use beard scissors ?

As previously mentioned, beard scissors can be used for just about anything: beard (obviously), mustache and sideburns. Depending on the area you need to work on, here’s how to use them.

Using scissors to trim the beard.

How to trim your beard with scissors ? We advise you to start with a little clipping. The beard trimmer has the advantage of quickly leveling out the hairs so that they are at the same length. However, it is not uncommon to have to deal with a few stubborn hairs.

This is where scissors come in.

Armed with your pair of beard scissors, you will be able to even out your fleece by cutting off stubborn hairs: some may be longer and protrude from the beard, others may only do as they please and grow in a different direction.

Holding the scissors properly means placing your thumb (down) and index finger (up) in the holes. This position will give you more stability to work on your beard. Scissors should be parallel to the skin, so they glide more easily and become easier to handle.

To avoid mistakes, let them follow the curves of your beard, always keeping the scissors parallel to the skin.

Use scissors to trim your mustache.

Trimming your mustache requires a lot of attention and attention to detail. Still with your thumb and forefinger in the scissor holes, open the scissors and place them just above your upper lip. In a smooth motion, let the scissors slide and cut off long hairs.

This exercise requires your full attention and concentration.

Using scissors to trim his paws.

Scissor work on sideburns is possible. Hold them in the same way as for trimming beards and mustaches, with your thumb and forefinger for more stability. Then follow the natural line of your legs and the scissors will do the rest.

Sideburns are not the easiest area of the face to work on. This area requires us to twist our heads to see what we are doing correctly. Not very practical, indeed ! To make it easier for you, think of the techniques of hairdressers with mirrors. Use a second hand mirror to play with the fixed mirror in your bathroom.

With the right angle, you will easily get a clear view of your sideburns without having to turn your head in all directions.