Limit the new fashionable game

Limit, the new trendy game

Are you tired of playing adventure, action or sports games ? Would you rather try a strategy game ? There are countless strategy games that you might like, and limit limit is part of it. This article will tell you all about the limit game.

Presentation of the game Limit, Limit

Limit is a French implementation of Carte contre l’humanit√©. The main player chooses a question with a blank space, the other players must choose an answer that must be funny. But the cards offered have a high chance of being offended’be offensive. A thorough knowledge of the French language and culture (the one that exists) is recommended to understand everything. In general, the game aims to collect the funniest cards. Test how funny your friends can be with outrageous card combinations. Make your friends laugh, choose the best cards and try to collect as many cards as possible. Hundreds of’hours of laughter, thousands of combinations are guaranteed with. The game is played in French and is based on several years of testing and analysis’writing. Play from 3 players up to 10, and the age range is from 18 to 99. If you are a funny person, you finally have the opportunity to make your friends laugh by creating the funniest card combinations possible. This game is compatible with the same types of games. However, it is not recommended for people under 18 years old.

Rules of the game Limit

  • All players must draw seven white cards
  • The player with the lowest score on the test is the winner’Baccalaureate philosophy test is called “Boss
  • The Boss chooses a black card, places it in the middle of the players and reads it out loud
  • To answer the black card, each player places a white card face down in the middle
  • The boss turns over all the blank cards and reads out each combination
  • Then the boss designates the card he finds best and a point will be awarded to the player’having posed
  • The player whose card has been chosen then becomes The Boss and each player draws seven cards from their hand
  • The game will continue until the end of the year’to the’All players are exhausted or until the game is over’a player has 5 points.

Details and features

300 cards are available for maximum possible combinations.

The designers of this game have taken many years to write and test these cards in order to guarantee a maximum of combinations and laughter. It should be noted that sensitive souls should refrain.

A game without limits

You can combine the Limit Game with the Limit Game Gold to get even more outrageous combinations and black humor.