Choosing a bed the brands to choose

Choosing a bed: the brands to choose

We spend a third of our time in the time to sleep, it’s better to lie down comfortably so you don’t wake up sore. We cannot privilege the mattress to the detriment of the bed base and vice versa, both must be compatible, we can on the other hand make the mattress more comfortable’If our budget does not allow it, we will have to do without the bed frame’is not extensible. Simple feet to be screwed to the bed base will make the bed more comfortable’case.

In the world of bedding, some brands are more popular than others’other, here’s how to choose your box spring and mattress set according to these and your budget.

What a bed is made of ?

The years go by and beds evolve. The tastes are not identical for all the sleepers. The tatami + futon have the wind in their sails.

C’is a bed at ground level, ideal for young children and people who do not suffer from back or knee problems. The bedding is quite stiff. L’More and more advantages : we can add tatamis or futons or even mattresses to enlarge the bed and allow cododo for example with very young children.

Until the 80s, we used a box spring on which rested a wool mattress. More and more advantageous’s allergies’Since the use of these materials was declared, it was not recommended to use them’To use this kind of bedding which lasted however of the years.

The current bedding is often made of’a frame, a’a flat slatted bed base as well as from’a mattress adapted to our morphology and our desired sleeping comfort.

How to choose a good bed ?

When the’If you want to buy a bed, there are several criteria to take into account:

  • The budget
    Once the budget is defined, we can move towards a particular brand. You can also invest more on a headboard and reduce the price of the bed base, but you can’t do the same thing with the mattress’no need for a mattress that should last 5 years.
  • The frame
    It is possible to choose a mattress that is not adapted to your body type’to buy that’a headboard that the mattress is made of’We will screw or glue it to the wall, as well as the legs to be screwed or clipped to the bed base. If the’if you use a large comforter with a nice cover, you can let it fall on the sides, a bed frame would then be useless, because it is hidden.
  • The box spring
    If we’If the mattress is purchased at the same time as the bed, it must be made so that it is compatible’They will be compatible in the room’interest of our sleep. The best is to buy them at the same time, in the same store, the salesman is present to advise you. If you buy the’It is possible to buy a bedding set: box spring and mattress or even with the frame, ask for a discount for a grouped purchase or for the mattress’Take advantage of free delivery and assembly if these services are not already offered.
  • The mattress
    One could say that c’is the’The soul of the bed, without bad play of words, since this name exists in the heart of this one. Several mattress materials exist. Latex, foam, pocket springs.
    The mattress with pocket springs is the most recommended, it is the most suitable for the largest number of beds’is the one who is the soul of the bed’It can be adapted to the largest number of bed bases that can be used’They are with slats or tapestry and for many morphologies. An original mattress, Emma mattress, made in Germany received the 1st prize UFC Que Choisir in May 2017 and in December 2017 it was elected product of the’2018 in 6 different countries’Europe. L’company only manufactures two kinds of mattresses, in several sizes. It has several layers of more or less dense foam and more compact plates

To know: For a bed of 160 cm broad at least, a central foot will be necessary with half of the bed, the base is thus welded in its center. That the’we take only 1 mattress of 160 or 180 cm or two mattresses of 80 or 90 cm, there will be necessarily an unpleasant obstacle in the center, a hollow or a bump. Then you choose according to the comfort of sleep of each one.

If your tastes are different, you might as well opt for 2 different mattresses on the same bed base, or 2 different bed bases but still in the same bed frame. The biggest advantage of the 2 separate box springs and mattresses is that the’one can opt for electric bedsprings which allow to read or watch television, while being well installed, while the spouse sleeps.

The brands to choose

Depending on the budget, we will make the’whether or not the bed frame is blocked. But the mattress will be more or less expensive depending on the measures chosen and the morphology of its occupants.