What is marine collagen?

Marine collagen: what is it?

Marine collagen: what is it?

Antioxidant, strengthening of muscles and bones, improvement of hair growth… The effects of marine collagen are numerous and seduce more and more consumers. But what is marine collagen? ? What are its beneficial effects ? We answer you and we even explain how to take it.

C’What is marine collagen ?

Collagen, a protein naturally produced by our body, is mainly found in the connective tissue Collagen is a natural part of the body (biological tissue linking organs and other tissues) and provides flexibility and protection.

Marine collagen, marketed in the Plantavie supplement store, is a non-vegan molecule, as it is extracted from fish (scales, bones, skin), biocompatible and biodegradable. This food supplement is easily assimilated by our body and acts on the epidermis, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments but also veins and lungs.
With age, the production of estrogen decreases in humans and this directly impacts the production of natural collagen. Used in food supplement for example, the marine collagen allows to rebalance this variation. There are several types of collagen depending on their amino acid content and their properties:

  • type 1: epidermis; bones; tendons; organs;
  • type 2: cartilage; eyes;
  • type 3: epidermis; muscles; blood vessels.

What are its benefits ?

The Benefits of marine collagen Marine collagen has many benefits for the human body:

  • rebalances the level of collagen in the body when the body's natural production decreases;
  • reinforces the strength of the bone ;
  • softens, moisturizes and improves the elasticity and suppleness of the skin ;
  • relieves muscles and joints (many sportsmen use it quite early in their career, during intense physical efforts);
  • helps fight against skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles (antioxidant effect);
  • CBD also improves the quality, growth and appearance of hair and nails;
  • prevents certain dysfunctions and future physical problems.

The effectiveness of the marine collagen treatment will depend on the age of the consumer (find out how to take care of your skin after 40), your own natural collagen level and the type of your skin treatment.

What are its benefits?

How to take marine collagen ?

The effects of marine collagen The benefits of CBD flowers are felt approximately one to three months after the beginning of a daily and uninterrupted treatment. It is recommended to take a dose of 2400 mg of collagen per day. More would be useless because the "excess" collagen is eliminated by the body. And anything less would be detrimental to the effectiveness of the treatment.

This dose, to be adapted according to each person's profile, can be taken during a 3 to 6 months diet cure. Collagen can be used in different forms:

  • in cream If you wish to use it : integrated to your daily beauty routine, the marine collagen cream is an effective anti-wrinkle and anti-aging agent;
  • in capsule The effects of collagen are felt in the bones and joints;
  • at bulb or in powder The hypnotherapy can be diluted in water: it acts on the bones, joints and skin.

Make marine collagen part of your morning ritual (with fruit juice, milk or yogurt) and remember to add vitamin C to your food treatment to promote its assimilation !