Cosmetic surgery a set of interventions to change your life!

Cosmetic surgery: a set of interventions to change your life !

Imperfections can be the source of a great complex for all of us. At worst; having physical defects may even ruin the lives of some lovers of perfect beauty. Fortunately, today there is a particular method that can correct all types of physical anomalies: cosmetic surgery. Whether genetic or acquired superficially, these body deformities can be professionally treated with the expertise of those in the field. If you wish to start the necessary to have the beauty of your dreams and change your life, find through this guide the essential to know before launching under the scalpels !

What is cosmetic surgery ?

Cosmetic surgery is currently experiencing a major democratization. The biggest stars on our screens swear by this procedure to perfect their beauty ! More and more French people are opting for this process to have a much improved physical appearance. However, if the technique of cosmetic surgery is already a part of the daily life of celebrities and is growing in popularity, a number of individuals wish to have more information on the subject before taking the plunge.

Thus, to begin with, it is essential to understand what cosmetic surgery really is. Often confused with other procedures in the field, cosmetic surgery consists of improving the appearance of the body and face with the objective of removing an imperfection. Ear surgery, removal of nose hump, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, etc. the transformations are therefore radical with aesthetic interventions. However, many people identify this aesthetic practice with the process of reconstructive plastic surgery. The latter aims only at reshaping or repairing visible defects on the body areas (skin grafting following a burn, correction of a cleft lip and palate, etc.).).

If you wish to enjoy any kind of surgery to optimize your beauty, it will be essential to define if it is aesthetic or reparative. To enjoy the best solutions to your problems, the consultation of a renowned Cosmetic Surgeon in Paris and Boulogne remains the ideal option. The expertise of such a specialist will allow you to have a precise idea of what to do to eliminate your complexes.

The different interventions that can be performed

The field of cosmetic surgery in Paris includes multiple operations to meet different needs. Those interested can thus enjoy different services for an optimal transformation:

  • In breast surgery, which aims to correct breast defects that can complicate the descendants of Eve (drooping, large volume, unequal size between the 2 breasts, etc.).). The surgical strategy that will perfectly match the requested treatment: breast augmentation, breast reduction or reconstruction, lipofilling, ptosis, invaginated nipples, gynecomastia, etc.
  • Aesthetic surgery of the face, which is mainly intended for those who wish to erase the signs of aging (incipient wrinkles, crow’s feet at the end of the eyes, sagging faces, bags under the eyes, etc.).Those who want facelift procedures for plump upper lips and those who want to modify their nose (rhinoplasty) or ears. The solutions proposed by the experts can be medical or surgical depending on the case.
  • Aesthetic surgery of the silhouette to redefine the whole body to enjoy a dream appearance. Thus, this practice is ideal for those who want to remove excess skin following a weight loss or excess fat. Liposuction, facelift, cryolipolysis, lipofilling, the experts will choose the best intervention according to your needs.
  • Intimate surgery that seems to be little known and yet is a practice that is quite possible ! Interventions include the hypertrophy of the labia minora or the clitoral hood, hymenoplasty or the after-effects of excision.

And for those who wish to correct their imperfections without resorting to surgery, it is possible to rely on aesthetic medicine. This is a very distinct practice that consists of injecting specific substances (botox, hyaluronic acid, etc.), apply tensor threads, use the Plex-R or implement the peeling technique.

Finally, cosmetic surgery operations performed by experienced surgeons guarantee a natural result that will not be easily identifiable. When choosing a specialist, it is better to turn to a surgeon who has the appropriate skills and an important reputation.